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Please see our guidance on attendance below.

A good education gives a child the best possible start in life.

To achieve this it is important that each child attends school regularly and punctually. When a child does not attend school regularly and on time they will have difficulty keeping up with their work and will therefore underachieve - children who are at school will learn and achieve more!

We understand that parents have a vital role to play in supporting and encouraging good attendance and punctuality. By accepting responsibility in partnership with the school, we can work together to ensure the children’s right to a full education, as well as enabling parents to fulfil their legal responsibility.

If you think you might struggle to drop your children at school on time we open our doors from 8.30am onwards.  If 8.30am is not early enough please ring the school and we will see what we can do to help.  We run enrichment activities from Monday - Thursday until 4.30pm to support working parents.

First day calling and notification of absence:

Usually, the only acceptable reason for a pupil to miss a day of school is if they are too ill to attend. If you are not sure in the morning whether your child is well enough for school, we suggest you send them in. We can always call you if they become too ill to get through the day.

If your child is going to be absent from school, please telephone the school office on on the day 01986 872297 informing the reason for absence. Alternately you could send an email to

Holton has in place a system of first day calling. This means that parents will be telephoned on the first day a pupil is absent if we have not had an explanation so that we can establish a reason for the absence.

Requests for non-attendance:

If you are planning on a term time holiday, please collect a leave of absence form from the main office, giving where possible at least three weeks notice. Please note, you may be asked to supply evidence to support your request and each case will be treated individually. Authorisation for absence will not be given for outings (other than those organised by the school), shopping trips or family visits.

Medical appointments should be made out of school hours if at all possible. If your child has to see a doctor or dentist in school time they should attend school for as much of the day as possible. It is not permitted to take a whole day off school for a medical appointment unless the appointment lasts all day.

EWO involvement:

Where there is an emerging pattern of a pupil's absence, the school will invite parents to a meeting to discuss the reasons for absences. Support may be offered or put in place in order to improve a pupil's attendance. If there continues to be unauthorised absences, the matter will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO).

Penalty notice:

A penalty notice may be issued for unauthorised absences or persistent lateness. For further information please see the Suffolk County Council information here

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