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With a broad range of activities - including all the eBooks there is something to suit everyone.

Pupils know how to get help and support.

Teachers are giving clear explanations and setting out their expectations.

We have joined each day. Thank you to all of you for all your hard work!!

Well done to staff, parents and pupils for continuing to stay motivated and enthusiastic.

The work on Dragon’s class has a large variety of tasks and different levels of challenge.

Thank you for putting so much effort into this new way of teaching!

My daughter has been enjoying the live lessons and catching up with her friends online.

The live lessons have been a lovely, interactive way to encourage my son to learn but also a way for him to socialise.

The live lessons have helped to structure our day and gives a little sense of normality for my child - seeing his teacher and class mates.

Lessons are a mix of tasks, recorded lessons and live lessons which have been carefully sequenced.

The live lessons and written feedback both show a good rapport between staff and children. Interaction is personal and relaxed yet moves learning forward.