Enrichment Activities

Our recent clubs at Holton

Art and Craft Club

There are lots of different activities at the club. It is great fun. There are lots of different materials that you can use to be creative.

Written by Holly

Forest Schools Club

We play in the woods and have loads of fun. We build dens and cook food on a fire. I love it!

Written by Paul

Board Games Club

We play lots of different games which is really good fun!

Written by Micah

Strictly Holton Dance Club

I have learnt to do the Cha Cha Cha and the Waltz with Miss Starkl on a Thursday after school.

It is great fun! I have enjoyed the fast, lively music! Maybe in a few years time I will be a dancer on the TV show!

Written by Alex

Sewing Club

In Sewing club you do all sorts of things. If you aren’t experienced, you can start on something small but if you are, you can start on something more complicated. Sewing club is really great fun! It is run by Miss Chittock.

Written by Nikiya, Jaguars Class

Gardening Club

At Gardening club we plan to grow plants and flowers. We like to clean up and help the school environment. Its lots of fun if you like gardening and you don’t get much time to get involved in gardening at home.

Written by Ruybymae

Lego Coding Club

Its great fun making lots of Lego models and creating a Lego movie’s brilliant fun. Computer coding, log on and make a world out of blocks, create an impressive scene. I have lots of fun, it’s relaxing and I feel free. It happens very Thursdays after school.

Written by Millie

Sports Skills Club

Every Wednesday evening after school, Mr Knights, our amazing PE teacher leads an hour Sports Skills club. In Sports Skills club we do a lot of different sports from Hockey to Dodgeball. Some of Key Stage One take part but mostly Key Stage two. Everyone who takes part in this club thoroughly enjoys this club and we all hope it continues.

Written by Billy

German Club

In German we play games that are great fun. We have learnt how to say the days of the week and numbers in German. I really enjoy learning how to speak in German.

Written by Lillie

Yoga Club

Yoga club is more of a relaxed club. It is great for adults and children. I do Yoga with my mum at school. It is great fun!

Written by Ryan

Drumming Club

In Drumming club we do lots of drumming. We do it in the hall. It is great fun because we play loudly and it makes me feel really good.

Written by Ava