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Look out for the next competition to enter! - it has arrived !!!!

Competition time

We have missed you all so very much at Holton and really look forward to seeing you all again very soon. In the meantime we thought it would be fun to have a little competition, can't promise you will get what you wish for, but let's make a lovely 'Wish Display' on our website.

So your mission is to draw us a lovely picture of something you wished we had at school, it can be anything you like. Send a copy with your name and class to We are really looking forward to seeing what exciting things you wish for and also to see your amazing drawings too.
We will publish pictures on the website as we get them - remember if taking a photo holding the picture,
only include yourself in the picture if it is fine for us to publish it.

Well, some of the Holton staff have made some wishes, but we are waiting for them to draw their pictures,
so can you guess what it is they would like? -
See the clues below...

Can't wait for your pictures... we are trying to guess what you will wish for!

Josh would like a soft play area.
Hopefully the adults could use it too!

Lily would like a dressing up room. What a lovely idea
- Today I'm going to be … anything I dream to be!

Ava would like a camel, a llama and a turtle, plus she would like to make sure they are cared for with sand, a pool and a den.
Mrs Shepherd, do we know someone else who would like a llama?

Mrs Camp would like a library in an old red bus with colourful furniture, lots of new books and a comfy bean bag chair.

That sounds ideal, who wouldn't want to read in there - could even have a pretend summer holiday!

What would Miss Starkl like??? - here are some clues...

Miss Starkl would call them 'Chuckles'

What would Mrs Shepherd like??? - here are some clues...

Mrs Shepherd would take them for a walk.

What would Mrs Stephenson like??? - here are some clues...

Mrs Stephenson would dip her toes in!

What would Mrs Green like??? - here are some clues...

Mrs Green would like several of these.

What would Miss Lazenby like??? - here are some clues...

Miss Lazenby would go out all weathers.

What would Mrs Gilham like??? - here are some clues...

Mrs Gilham would like to grow things.

Items collected at Holton

Used Battery Collection Point

Our school has joined “The Big Battery Hunt” so please hand any used batteries in at the School Office. These will be collected and recycled.

Ink Cartridge Recycling

Just a reminder to everyone that any used ink cartridges can also be handed into the School Office—in plastic bags if they are very messy—thank you!